Better information builds a more secure business

Corax has reinvented cyber risk management. Using the power of big data and data science we’ve taken away the guesswork and can proudly claim to deliver accurate, real time security insights that your organization can immediately act upon.

Put simply, Corax will help you understand:

  • Where your organization’s cyber security risks lie
  • The potential financial impact of a security breach
  • What actions and investment will provide the most risk reduction and ROI
  • What security solutions and insurance policies are available to you
We’ve done the hard work & taken away the guess work

Corax takes information that you give us about your organization and aggregates it with data from multiple intelligence sources – such as live security intelligence feeds and financial metrics. Using our patent pending risk calculation engine, Corax reports on:

  • Risk – Where your organizational weaknesses are
  • Probability – Likelihood of a vulnerability being compromised
  • Expected financial impact – Potential cost should a security breach occur
  • Compliance – Where action is required in order to comply with security regulations and standards
Security insights at your fingertips

Valuable security insights are reported on a user-friendly, customizable dashboard. Access a high level overview or drill-down to view the correlation between action and investment, and reduction in risk posture.

CISO’s and Risk Managers will have all the information they need to make informed decisions on what security solutions and insurance policies to invest in. Operational teams will know exactly where their vulnerabilities lie and what needs fixing.

Taking the risk out of cyber security

Of course, it’s all very well identifying what security action is required, but having the time to source solutions can be a challenge. Corax will help you! We’ve curated data on security products, vendors and insurers. You simply select the one you want. We’ll even auto-generate your insurance proposal form. It simply doesn’t get any easier.

Better cyber risk analysis.

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