Corax for Exposure Management

Corax enables you to introduce and model new risks into your portfolio from an aggregation perspective, also helping you to identify points of aggregation within your portfolio by industry, vendor, geography, or sub-limits in order to quantify, for example, the effect of an 1-10 event.

Using Corax’s powerful Exposure Management features, you can also quickly run custom RDS scenarios as well as pre loaded scenarios such as the prescribed Lloyds scenario.

Stress test your book

Run RDS scenarios to easily see your points of aggregation/silent cyber.

Simulate cloud meltdown

Ingest policies into the app in order to model industry + location + type of attack to show what the loss would be.

Determine sideways exposure

For each one of your policies.

See how Corax can help you sell more cyber insurance

Corax uses machine learning and our proprietary probabilistic and quantification modeling engine to calculate metrics such as cyber hygiene, frequency of breach and business interruption and potential premium.