Corax for Underwriters

The Corax cyber exposure and underwriting platform delivers a probabilistic view by building profiles of individual risks using patent pending models, helping underwriters understand from a ground up perspective what the overall exposures are.

Corax is the only cyber insurance platform on the market that gives users the ability to adjust inputs that drive risk based upon the system’s models, giving users their own unique view of that risk. With individual risk ultimately changing inputs at the portfolio level, Corax produces individual Exceedance Probability curves loss intrinsically tied to entire portfolios, delivering a consistent end to end view of risk across your business.

Lead generation

Model risk quickly and easily. Forget snapshot in time application forms. Using data-driven advanced risk analytics, model the security posture of applicants and insureds in minutes.


Make informed decisions. Use advanced risk analytics to create the right cyber insurance packages, at the right premiums. Calculate the likely premium required to meet a specific profit margin.

Exposure management

Take the devil out of the detail. Manage portfolio risk based on real data, identifying points of aggregation by industry vendor or geography, or sub-limits within a portfolio to quantify exposure.

Cyber hygiene

Increase conversion rates by enabling sales conversations. Overcome common objections by providing insight into the likelihood of a cyber event and how much it could cost.

See how Corax can help you sell more cyber insurance

Corax uses machine learning and our proprietary probabilistic and quantification modeling engine to calculate metrics such as cyber hygiene, frequency of breach and business interruption and potential premium.