Breaking it down

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Mapping the interconnectedness between organizations and within organizations

Corax combines external data with internal data about an organization.

External data

Corax uses an organization’s domain name to gather data from various intelligence sources. For example, Corax maps the interconnectedness and interdependencies with other organizations and with providers of internet infrastructure.

By analyzing response times of providers of internet infrastructure, Corax models the probability of service interruption and the resulting impact to a dependent (‘downstream’) organization.

The output is a high-level summary of cyber risk about an organization.

Find out more about our network analysis and probabilistic model.

Internal data

Corax uses information provided about your organization to enhance the accuracy and detail of cyber risk insights. Primarily, this is information about your IT assets and security measures.

We do this by using APIs to link with your current third party software products, such as cloud / IaaS, IT asset / device management, and vulnerability assessment.

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Corax then uses machine learning and our proprietary probabilistic and quantification modeling engine to calculate metrics such as risk level, potential financial impact and compliance.

Corax also calculates potential return on investment of actions, security solutions and insurance to guide you through a step by step workflow for making decisions and tracking action. Cyber security has never been easier.

Find out more about our network analysis and machine learning.

Better cyber risk analysis.

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