Quantifying Frequency, Severity and Similarity in Cyber Risk: Signals and Correlations

About this webinar

When it comes to cyber risk modeling and management, the recent explosion of cyber events has made frequency and severity the top two indicators most organizations look to when quantifying cyber risk in the insurance space.

But to truly understand cyber risk, organizations need to dig deeper to understand not only the drivers for both frequency and severity, but also how they relate to one another, and how the similarity of organizations can overlap to determine how risk should be aggregated in your portfolio.

In this webinar, Lewis Guignard, Head of Data Science at Corax, will explain how to go beyond modeling frequency and severity to defining similarity in order to determine sideways exposure, and how you can use this intelligence to define wildfire events in your portfolio. The webinar will use both model insights and visual examples from the Corax advanced risk analytics platform.

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