Corax is used by Enterprises across many industries, especially those who hold sensitive information and have compliance requirements such as Healthcare, Financial Services, Government and Retail.

Whether you are looking to gain better insight into your security data, make better informed decisions on what actions and investment to make on security or articulate cyber risk to the C-Suite in a language they will understand, Corax is the best solution to help you.

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Corax is used by Insurers, Reinsurers and Brokers to gain a deeper insight into the world of the Insureds cyber risk.

Corax works to join up the exchange of information between all parties so that the insured can be certain that the right coverage has been purchased, Brokers have a quick and effective way to run a comprehensive risk assessment and insurers and reinsurers have the ability to run portfolio analysis and have a deeper insight into risk aggregation.

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Managed Service Providers

MSP’s that already have a security offering or are looking to add security to their portfolio use Corax to enable them to easily manage a customers cyber risk.

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Better cyber risk analysis.

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