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Reinvent your approach to cyber security

Reinvent your approach to cyber security
Are you a CISO looking for a better way to articulate risk to the board? Quantify cyber risk? Model third party risk? Gain better insights that allow you to make the right decisions on cyber security, risk, and insurance.

Without Corax
Your organization recognizes a need for protection against cyber attacks and business interruption. However…

  • You find it hard to juggle your day-to-day tasks while still managing to stay on top of emerging threat intelligence
  • You are aware of vulnerabilities across your organization, but it’s impossible to prioritize action and investment
  • It’s difficult to quantify what financial impact a security breach would have
  • It takes time to find the right security solutions and insurers who can help
  • You have no way of centrally monitoring or reporting on security action, investment and compliance

With Corax
Your organization has a single platform that enables you to…

  • Enhance your control of security using Corax’s integration with your current security tools
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your organizational structure and related assets
  • Understand the financial implications of security risks, actions and decisions
  • Review your compliance with the latest regulations and standards in security and privacy – all in real-time
  • Auto-create insurance proposal forms and share with your broker
  • Make better purchasing decisions because you are in charge of your security ROI
  • Use Corax’s built-in workflow to keep on top of security actions and decisions

Better cyber risk analysis.

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