Managing cyber risk exposure


For the insurance community, cyber is seen as one of the great opportunities for growth.

Yet modeling the complex and interconnected nature of cyber risk is challenging.

So too is exchanging information between insureds, brokers, insurers and reinsurers, and within the insureds themselves – between their risk, IT and security staff.

Corax removes these challenges.

Firstly, Corax offers a more transparent model for assessing and quantifying cyber risk.

Secondly, Corax is more accurate because what Corax does better than anyone is join external and internal data from businesses. Corax doesn’t just model interconnectedness between businesses. It also models interconnectedness within businesses.

Lastly, Corax acts as a platform for exchanging information on cyber risk. Corax joins up insureds, brokers, insurers and reinsurers, risk, IT and security teams. How? By providing solutions for all of them. Same data, same model, multiple products.

  • Predicting accumulated exposure to critical systems and vendors
  • Managing aggregated exposure of a cyber book
  • Developing products, pricing models, exclusions and policy limits
  • Quantifying and managing ‘silent’ cyber risk
  • Understanding the IT ‘estate’ and cyber risk posture of your insureds

Better cyber risk analysis.

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