Helping the insurance industry sell more
cyber insurance.

What is Corax?

Corax is a cyber risk analytics platform helping the insurance industry maximize the cyber opportunity. Corax combines powerful and transparent insights, with features that speed up and enhance the insurance process; across broking, underwriting, aggregation management, reporting and risk transfer.

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Who is Corax for?

Corax is for everyone involved in cyber risk transfer:



CUOS, Capital & Exposure Managers


Risk Managers

Why do I need Corax?

If any of these questions below are relevant to you, Corax can help.

Features + Benefits

Corax’s Discover feature “the search engine of cyber risk”, helps underwriters to identify cyber hygiene and other risk profile details such as revenue, number of employees, loss cost, potential premium and potential attachment point.

While Discover allows you to search for an organization already known to you the Prospecting feature helps brokers with strategic lead generation. Corax quickly identifies groups of potential customers according to criteria such as cyber hygiene score, revenue, industry, geography, loss cost and potential premium.

Once you’ve identified your prospects, you can move them from “Quote” to “Bound”. By analyzing pipeline workflow with metrics such as declined, quote, bind ratios for broker, underwriter, industry, geography, you can improve on sales efficiency.

Our pricing model helps insurance companies automate the pricing of policies for any given organization. Simply input premium, attachment point and limit to identify rate online, as well as rate per million and potential margin. Our model predicts typical loss cost, and with the input of expense ratio, commission and desired margin, can deliver pricing to let you focus on core business activities.

Identify points of aggregation by industry, vendor, geography, or sub-limits within a portfolio in order to quantify exposure.

Corax uses machine learning and our proprietary probabilistic and quantification modeling engine to calculate metrics such as cyber hygiene, frequency of breach and business interruption and potential premium.