Cyber Risk Analytics. For Everyone.

A platform connecting security, risk and the C-suite to the wider security world and insurance.

What is Corax?

Corax is a cyber risk analytics platform for security, compliance and insurance.

What does Corax do?

Corax gives cyber risk insights about your organization and 3rd party vendors, for risk and security teams it provides a workflow for action and expenditure too.

Cyber Risk Analytics for Everyone

Connecting up security, risk and the C-Suite to the wider security world and insurance industry, enabling an enhanced exchange of information, reduced costs, deeper insights and a more resilient ecosystem.

Corax for Enterprises

Are you a CISO looking for a better way to articulate risk to the board? Quantify cyber risk? Gain better insights that allow you to make the right decisions on cyber security, risk, and insurance.

Corax for Insurance

Are you part of the insurance community looking to better navigate the exchange of information between insureds, brokers, and insurers & reinsurers? Corax for Insurance removes this challenge and helps you model the complex and interconnected nature of cyber risk insurance.

Corax for MSPs

Are you looking to add cyber security to your current service offering? Corax for MSP’s allows you to become the virtual CISO for all of your customers and manage everything in one account.

How it works

Making cyber risk simpler — one step at a time.

Corax uses machine learning and our proprietary probabilistic and quantification modeling engine to calculate metrics such as risk level, potential financial impact and compliance.

You can view high-level metrics about an organization, or detailed insights.

For high-level insights, Corax uses an organization’s domain name to gather external data from various intelligence sources.

For detailed insights Corax combines external data with information you provide about your organization.

Corax does this by using APIs to link with your current third party software products.

Corax integrates with widely-used third party software products such as...


The culmination of data sets and associations makes life much easier.

testimonialInformation Security Officer, Retailer

This makes it simpler. You can quickly get set up rather than take 6 months. It reduces the complexity of spreadsheets and increases visibility at the top-level of the business.

testimonialCISO, Bank

I like it because it’s simple and focused.

testimonialCISO, Financial Services Institution

Why use Corax?



By combining external data with internal data about organizations, Corax provides a more accurate view of cyber risk at high level or in detail.



Corax provides a wide range of actionable, quantified metrics so that decision-making on cyber security and insurance is much better informed.



Corax promotes communication and understanding of cyber risk by using a clear calculation model and by acting as an information exchange platform.



Have data in another piece of software? With Corax’s integrations tool, you’ll be able to quickly import data from third-party services like AWS, Azure, and Tenable.

Ease of use

Ease of Use

From the “search engine style” Dashboard, to the auto-generation of insurance proposal forms, Corax makes life easier for users of all skill levels and expertise.

Reduced costs

Reduced costs

Connecting up security, risk and C-Suite to the wider security world and insurance industry helps reduce costs and provide a more resilient ecosystem.

See it in action

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