How much would a cyber
incident cost you today?

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Start making data-driven informed decisions on:

Security spending

Justify your security budget and optimize spending by understanding what impact each cyber risk has on your financial exposure.

Risk transfer

By being able to see your true financial exposure to cyber risk, you can now determine your risk appetite and make the right informed decisions to transfer or offset each risk.

Third party & supply chain

See the financial risk that each 3rd party is causing you – be that an existing or potential third party, now with the financial impact cost you can control and protect your critical supply chain.

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“Corax helps you cut the complexity and navigate through the noise of cyber security, to get straight to the real financial loss figure that matters.

With Corax comes…


With each day, our database grows by over 100,000 companies to build the world’s most comprehensive modeled view on cyber risk.

Industry specific reporting and benchmarking

Our platform not only enables you to see how you compare in your industry against your peers, but also provides a customizable peer group.

Low-touch and fast

At rapid speed, we can look across a single company and at group level, giving you informed data metrics to gain the confidence to dig deeper into each risk.

Trusted by the insurance industry

Born in the insurance industry, we help some of the world’s largest insurers identify risk levels and financial impact across different industry sectors and business types.