Corax for Enterprise

Corax offers different solutions based on where you fit in to the cyber equation.

Corax provides cyber loss reports on individual companies for the following use cases:

Risk assessment and quantification

Generate and run your company’s cyber risk profile, either by a standalone report or on a constant basis through access to our platform. The data and metrics we produce are tailored to your individual company, including assessment and benchmarking of cyber hygiene and technology resilience and predictive expected costs of data theft and IT disruption. The same outputs can also be modeled across portfolios and groups of companies and scenarios can be run for cyber events, security vulnerabilities, technologies and third parties.

IT Spend reduction and monitoring

Corax’s speed and continuous Machine Learning gives you the ability to swiftly identify your company’s cyber risk probability and predictive cost of a cyber event. By accessing this information quickly on a constant basis, it reduces the unnecessary exploratory costs, resources and time used previously to unearth a company’s cyber risk profile, giving you back the power to reinvest budget where needed to act and improve your company’s cyber hygiene.

Supply chain risk monitoring

Once you have understood your own cyber profile, the Corax platform gives you the ability to drill down into your third party supply chain and view your connected risk.

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