About Corax

Since our inception in 2013, from our offices in sunny San Francisco and not quite sunny London, we have been working round the clock to help insurers sell more cyber insurance.

Our co-founders, Jonathan Pope and Tom Beale, have both spent many years (too many to count) immersed in the complex world of cyber security. Realizing there was a massive gap in the market for a solution that provides insurers with better cyber security insights about organizations, they developed a software platform that automatically aggregates and models any organization's cyber hygiene profile. Corax's talented team of engineers, data scientists and product managers has grown alongside the development of our platform and today we're helping to transform and grow the cyber insurance business.

Meet our team of experts

Jonathan Pope

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Former army Captain and Sandhurst graduate, Jonathan is an insurance industry thought leader and speaker, and has acted as a board level cyber risk advisor.

Tom Beale

Chief Technology Officer & Co-founder

Veteran penetration tester and go-to source for technical perspective on data breaches and cyber security.

Lewis Guignard

Head of Data Science

Stanford graduate, Lewis is leading the Corax team to deliver data-science driven cyber analytics.

Ross Mcivor

Sales & Marketing Director

Digital transformation expert and curator of great content and customer relationships.

Today our offices are filled with developers, data architects, data scientists, analysts, and researchers - all experts in their respective fields. The Corax family is a highly focused, slightly geeky team, with ambitious plans for success and growth.

Le Tran

API Engineer

Responsible for Corax's internal and external API. When not coding, you can find her in Tahoe snowboarding down the slopes or summiting a hill.

Brendan Luna

Front End Engineer

Responsible for the look, feel and overall user experience of Corax. Outside of work you can find him hiking around the Bay Area, at a concert, or playing PC games at home.

Andrew Fink

Product Manager

Stanford graduate and front end developer responsible for coordinating the software development cycle across each of Corax’s teams. When not on the job he can be found hiking or camping somewhere in the mountains of California.

Juan Sanchez

API Engineer

Responsible for Corax's internal and external API. When not working he enjoys playing soccer or riding his bike around the Bay Area.

Noam Weinberger

Data Scientist

Previously worked as a high school physics teacher and studied electrical engineering at Stanford University. When not coding, usually on a hike with his wife and son or at home, washing baby bottles.

Genevieve Holtmeyer

Graphic & UI Designer

Creator of dynamic and accessible visual communications that bring content to life. Outside of the office, she can be found with her nose in a book, on the hunt for good tacos or exploring the redwoods.

Steven Toomey

Python Engineer

A seasoned finance and accounting specialist, Steven sold his CFO consulting company to transition to Data Science. He enjoys snowboarding, acoustic guitar and family time.

Nicole Beckstrand

Systems Engineer

Linux and virtualization expert. Responsible for monitoring and maintaining the Corax server fleet. When off duty you might find her trying a new board game, playing the ukelele, or singing karaoke.

Ryan Lecha

Lead Engineer

Veteran software engineer, Ryan has a passion for well designed code that scales. When not lifting Object Oriented Programs, you can find Ryan lifting heavy objects in the gym or playing Nintendo with his daughters.

Michael Slevin

Data Visualization Engineer

Passionate about data visualization and building solutions that let people work better, faster, and more efficiently. Michael spends literally all his free time working on cars and drinking coffee.

Purvin Patel

Senior Product Manager

All about the product, experienced product manager looking after the why, how and when. Lover of all things tech. Away from the day job he is an avid board gamer trying to master Catan and not be beaten by his children.

Sandip Patel

Data Scientist

Responsible for validating, auditing and analyzing the data foundation and models for the Corax platform. Outside of the office, Sandip can be found in the gym pumping iron or playing cricket.


Snack Tester

Frequent fan of naps, potato chips, and belly rubs.

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