Corax for Brokers

The Corax platform provides brokers with access to insight and reports on millions of companies. Brokers are using this to provide clients with precise cyber risk assessment, benchmarking, cover recommendations, risk mitigation recommendations, and to identify targeted sales leads.

Risk assessment and quantification

Reports on individual companies include assessment and benchmarking of cyber hygiene and technology resilience; and predict expected costs of data theft and IT disruption. The same outputs are available across portfolios and groups of companies. Scenarios can be run for cyber events, security vulnerabilities, technologies and third parties.

Lead generation

Cross-sell cyber to your existing clients via bulk upload of lists of clients or via API integration of your existing systems. Identify new potential clients using Corax’s cutting edge CyberLocate tool to set geographic search areas.


Strengthen negotiations with carriers. Understand and explain the main drivers of risk. Gain the power to justify premium, limit and retentions based on real data. Calculate the likely premium required to meet a specific profit margin and determine the adequacy of your rate-on-line.

Portfolio management

Analyze your overall cyber portfolio, understand the make-up of your clients, identify new business opportunities, and identify trends in risk mitigation requirements.

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