Corax for Technology

Corax offers different solutions based on where you fit in to the cyber equation.

Corax platform provides IT, risk and information security consultancies with the following use cases:

Lead generation

Identify your ideal prospects, search the Corax platform not just by industry, revenue or location but also get a view of a prospect’s cyber risk. Our rich database of millions of companies enables you to quickly search for new customers.

Board & risk reporting

Every board needs to know the economic value of their cyber risk. Corax can provide an accurate answer. The Corax platform produces board-ready reports in Plain English that give board members a clear understanding of risk and the value you add.

Vendor risk management

Corax identifies which technology vendors a company uses, and factors this into their risk score. This can be further enhanced by accessing the risk profile of those technology vendors and any other non-technology vendor they may use. This will help identify third parties contributing to your current risk.

Vulnerability assessment

Search for companies of any size, from any location, and understand what vulnerabilities they have exposed to the internet in under 10 minutes. A Corax report will help you quantify a company’s risk – so that you can quickly mitigate that risk and prove your ROI.

Continuous alerting and monitoring services

As we continually monitor all companies in the Corax platform, you can be alerted when your customers Corax scores change, new vulnerabilities are found or the value of their risk has gone up or down.

White-labelled reports

Keep your brand front and centre with the ability to white label Corax reports and distribute to customers, prospects and partners.

See how Corax can help you manage cyber risk more accurately